Akkerman Distillery

Akkerman Distillery
– a synergy of experience and innovations!

About us

Akkerman Distillery is a modern Ukrainian enterprise thriving on a successful combination of rich traditions of winemaking with cutting-edge technologies and the latest wine industry trends.

Continuing a millennium-long history of Odesa Region winemakers, Akkerman Distillery masters craft exquisite natural wines and brandies up to the highest international standards.

Our wines and brandies owe their impeccable quality, well-balanced aroma, and immaculate taste to select grape varieties harvested in Odesa Region, state-of-the-art equipment by leading European manufacturers, and genuine talent of Akkerman Distillery winemakers.

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вул. Кишинівська 144-Б
м. Білгород-Дністровський , Одеська область , 67700 Україна
+38 (04849) 3-30-51